Painters + Poets


The Kaaba


        We share the dark and wet



Gregg's Screen Paintings 
with Kent's Poems 
were featured in the exhibit:


Painters + Poets


Off the Preserve!

di rosa Preserve: Art and Nature


January 4-26, 2003


1142 Main Street

Napa, CA 94559

(707) 253-8300 




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The Kaaba

new moon

Black Sea

pilot fire through the fog


Burning veil

poets’ blood

ground paprika

hunger’s sharp tongue


Moses’ face

the Suspended Songs

Scythian gold

slow path of the desert sun


Ishmael’s thirst

inks of lapus lazuli

blue unfriendly sea

love’s cruelty


The Black Stone

satire’s smoke

lifeless deep

night breakfast



--Kent Chadwick

We share the dark and wet


Push from the necklace of the Yamanote-sen

into the aorta of Shinjuku Station

to flow like straight black hair one strand of ten thousand

one beautiful strand of ten thousand together

combed warm to where the night will take you without stars

the explosive light, the percussive sound of all

we seek to buy, to see, to eat, to say, to sing

looping around you, bursting in your brain the air

we share the dark air sweet and wet and stale and warm

colored by desire given desire sought

unknown the sharp spice that turns you to this corner

of parrot green and cinnabar reflected off

steel, glass, skin, and street that hungers us together

where you can choose personas till the last train leaves

to change your hair your clothes your mind ten thousand times

as mother night nurses the pleasure of your choice.


--Kent Chadwick



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