Of course our use of this Latin term for the site is a play on words. This is not a site for the art of poetry, but for art in poetry and poetry in art. 


We're not offering a rhetoric of poetry, as the term has come to mean since Horace's poem "Ars poetica," but rather our small part of the long conversation between painting that longs to sing and poetry that longs to burst into color.


For ars poetica proper try the following:

         Aristotle's Poetics (Greek text; English translation by S.H. Butcher)

         Horace's "Ars poetica" (Latin text; English translation by Leon Golden

         Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Criticism"

         Archibald MacLeish's "Ars poetica"

         Czeslaw Milosz's "Ars Poetica?" (Polish text; English)

         X. J. Kennedy's "Ars poetica"

         Billy Collin's "Poetry"








Whispers of Siam

  Speed of Life Still through you

Monks & Mandala
- Burning Man 2003





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