Ronin Dreams

Golden Buddha
Gregg Chadwick, 11 x 14 oil on zinc 2003


Gregg Chadwick's
Solo Exhibition

January 9 - February 7, 2004
Lisa Coscino Gallery

216 Grand Avenue
Pacific Grove
California 93950
831 646-1939


We live in an agnostic age that cries out for the spirit
We live in a gray time that cries out for beauty.
We live in isolation craving the sensual.

In this fallow era I paint images ripe with color and movement, illuminated by the spirit but tinged with the bittersweet nature of our time. There is a seduction involved in the use of pigment and the free manipulation of paint. Yet each work is grounded with what Robert Bly might call a black thread. These works strive for the heavens but are pulled back by the weight of the world. Like the acrobat suspended in Tightrope we fight for balance. Yet this act of will holds us between heaven and earth.  In this weightlessness we are set free.  Like the masterless samurai invoked in my painting Ronin Dreams we are adrift. Yet this journey without a guide leads us to new worlds and new questions. The beauty found in these questions is our struggle and our reward.

                                                         Gregg Chadwick

Ronin Dreams Exhibition


Ronin Dreams


He has gone away

he has gone away

and we are desolate

in our loneliness.


Snatched from us

snatched from us

we dont know where hes gone

nor how he could return.


The light of our land

the light of our land

has been extinguished

darkness is come.


Too young

too young

he has been taken

we are left with grief.


He who led

he who led

who could follow now

into that unknown?


The voice that called us

the voice that called us

is now mute

and we are deaf.


His last order

his last order

we hold precious

and repeat.


Cry out

call out

he has gone away

leaving but a dream.


            Kent Chadwick



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