A 2-CD collection of poems, written and read by Kent Chadwick, each seeking its own sound and form, about the moon, dark rooms, New Jersey, hatred, incantations, spirit, birds, basketball, poets and attention.



Yes, before,
yet it's only you I've loved;
and kissed,
but only you I've tasted.
Those simple times
were all foreknowing you.

 Now in love's way
we are each other's share;
down pillow between,
all else parts around.

 Still, through you
I find a common portion:
savoring what other lips can flavor,
feeling how hands,
not mine to hold,
would touch.


Disk 1

Disk 2

1. Live for Basketball
2. Beware My Son the Pseudo-Intellectual!
3. Look,
4. The World into Words
5. Carmel Bay
6. Birds, Bees and an Orange Tree
7. Moon Ascending
8. A Toast, Isabel
9. Elegy for a Friend Who Died Last Winter
10. Dark Room
11. Poetry Walks
12. Criticism, He Dances
13. Dumpling of a Man
14. I Lay Myself to Slaughter
15. With Dry Lips
16. Incantation
17. For Tom Robbins
18. Sing Rock & Roll New Jersey


1. Intercessor
2. Jerusalem Cross
3. Oh, Oppressor
4. Cardboard against the Rain
5. After Reading Early Snyder
6. Moon and Flowers
7. On Her Mother's Couch
8. Common
9. For My Wife
10. Letter Home
11. Many Sisters Death Has
12. The Red Queen
13. Forty Lines Palm Sunday
to Carmel Mission
14. Easter Argument between
the Iris and the Poison Oak
15. October's Psalm
16. Half, from Half-Me

Recorded in the summer of 2002 at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, WA
Producer and engineer: Scott Bartlett
Front and Back Painting: "Jimmy Buff's," oil on linen, Gregg Chadwick

This recording was made possible by the Jack Straw Artist Assistance Program.

$10 (includes shipping and handling)

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