Screen Memories

Screen Memories
(Fin de Cinema)

--Gregg Chadwick


@ The Lisa Coscino Gallery in Pacific Grove
June 21, 2002 August 10, 2002

"Ravishing works like A Gesture Life appear as single stop-frame views that are not so much frozen as fading, already turning into a memory, illuminated by strange and distant colors and by the projection of our own desires."
-- C. K. Smith, Coast Weekly (7/4/02)

__ __

Your eye first looks off-center
then sweeps across the canvas
the bluest sky receding
before your higher glances
dissolving you in distance
where your name is left behind
and you glow as azure light.

Our eye at the edge jumps
down to red drawing us
down to a familiar corner
tongue and lips, orifice
layered with curls, black curls
the smallest curves of lavender
petals cream peony
folds into folds of design
by the lake reflecting
the glacier that feeds it.

Eye tracing the waistband
that dikes the watery world,
packed earth through a calm plane
big sky over the straight highway
narrow wavelengths of blue
bonnets and bachelor buttons
through a clear flood
a concave sea, the great lens
focusing rods and cones
at its self-perceptive center.

--Kent Chadwick

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